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Update - 26th March 2005:

Sue is pleased to announce that, following two constructive meetings with John Owen and other staff of Information Services, her University website is once again accessible to the public.

Sue has, for now, moved those sites deemed by the School of Humanities to be "non-academic" to her own site, However, her home page on the University server now has direct links to the pages on her own domain, so there is little difference in practice for those surfing the site.

She is STILL awaiting the outcome of her Formal Grievance which is currently being considered by the Dean. This was submitted in August 2004! Apparently there is no time limit for the resolution of grievances submitted by University staff (student ones have to be dealt with in two weeks, we believe). You can read the entire Grievance here. (Warning: not for the faint-hearted!) Some of the issues have now been resolved and Sue looks forward to reaching an acceptable compromise - but when?

These campaign web pages are among those which have been moved to, but Nat Queen's mirror site is also still running on paign/.

The Previous Policy:

The previous policy, which has been in force for the last decade, is pretty much contained in the following documents, which have now been superseded:

  1. Registering for Personal Web space: Personal Information Providers
    (this page was formerly at
  2. Application to become a World Wide Web Personal Information Provider
    (this page was formerly at
  3. Notes for Personal Information Providers
    (this page was formerly at
  4. Guidelines for Information Providers (NB: Last revised 1996!)

The New Policy

Why we oppose the new policy

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Last updated: 26th March 2005