Original version of the policy - around October 2003

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University Websites Policy

The World Wide Web is essential to the business of the University. Improperly managed web sites however pose a threat to the University, and can be used by unauthorised people to breach network security measures and launch virus and other service affecting attacks, with serious effect.

Personal Websites

As part of the continuing move to safeguard the business of the University, the current personal website service provided by Information Services is to be withdrawn. Sites which contribute to legitimate University business in teaching, learning, research and efficient administration will in future be hosted by the Corporate Web Service provided by Information Services.

The current service will close on 31 December 2003. Users wishing to use the new service will need to re-register and be able to demonstrate that the information they wish to publish is relevant and legitimate to their academic or administrative work. Applications must be supported by the Head of School.

All published material will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use currently being developed by the Corporate Web Team within Information Services.

Users whose material does not fall into the supported category are reminded that the widespread availability of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), who often include web space as part of their customer service package, provides an alternative location for pages which fall outside University guidelines. Users are also reminded that University branding or logos must not be used on such pages.

Departmental Websites

For a number of years the Corporate Web Team within Information Services has been engaged in conversations with Departments about the move of departmental web sites to centrally managed and supported services. The centrally managed site provides a higher degree of resilience, reliability and security.

In the near future Information Services will take steps to improve security by using the site firewall to restrict external network access to departmental web servers. The policy of migrating department websites to central services should continue, and the hosting of such sites by Information Services should be seen as the norm. Where Departments need to maintain their own web sites they will need to consult and register the site with Information Services by 31 December 2003 to ensure continuing and appropriate external access. Information Services will expect such web sites to be appropriately managed and secured from attack.

Websites on Personal Computers

This restriction of access also applies to web sites run by individuals and hosted on personal computers. External network access to these sites will not be permitted after 31 December 2003.

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