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This web space is strictly for sites which contribute to legitimate University business in teaching, learning, research and efficient administration.

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If you are publishing invidividual research information or course support information then it is best to initially contact your school/deparment web coordinator for web space on your school/department website.
If you are publishing non-University related information then you should look [sic - SAB] alternative free web hosting - see htm for guidance.

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NameMs. S.A. Blackwell
School/DepartmentHumanities: ENGLISH
Current web address
Brief description of the content of current siteA wide variety of pages serving the academic and wider community, including: child language, sociolinguistics, mass media, gender, bilingualism, Dutch language and culture, legal issues, politics, peace and trade unions. The official website of the International Association of Forensic Linguists is here.
Details of any scripting
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S.A. Blackwell
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John Owen, Infrastructure and Technology Development Team Leader, Information and Computer Services Division.

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Tara lamplough, Corporate Web Team, Information and Computer Services Division.