From: SA Blackwell []
Subject: Web pages

Dear John,

I have been trying to e-mail you since last week but was unable to access my e-mail due to network problems. Thankfully these now appear to be resolved.

I returned to Birmingham after a few days away, to find e-mails from various people complaining that they cannot access various of my websites. On checking this out I found that indeed all my pages under are now blocked, including pages for undergraduate courses which students are currently trying to use.

I have submitted an application to the School of Humanities to retain my web pages and had been assured that they would all be retained while the application was being considered. I have not yet been notified of the outcome of that application, and I had presumed that if any pages were not going to be permitted someone would have the basic courtesy to inform me of this and to allow me enough time to make alternative hosting arrangements.

Could you please explain to me what the problem is this time?

Best wishes,

Sue Blackwell
Department of English,
The University of Birmingham,

Phone: +44 - 0121-414-3219
Fax: +44 - 0121-414-5668


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Last updated: 17th September 2004