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Sent: 22 March 2004 18:10
Subject: Re: RE websites

Dear Alex,

I just received an e-mail from Mark Connop saying that "Unregistered sites will cease to be visible from the Internet after 31 March, 2004."

The sites mentioned in that e-mail were those on the Artsweb, which doesn't apply to me since my sites are all on the Sun7. But I have heard the same thing said about those, i.e. that if not re-registered they will cease to be available after the end of March.

However, I recall from a conversation we had recently that you are collecting applications forms from Arts staff and bringing them for discussion at the School IT committee which does not meet until April. If this is the case, what will happen to these sites between the end of March and the committee meeting in April?

It is absolutely essential that my students should continue to have access to the sites for my courses throughout the Easter vacation and beyond. Most of them will not be on campus and will need to access the sites from outside. They are working on projects over Easter, to be submitted in the first week of term on their return, and need access to the advice I am providing on projects via the website.

Likewise my Forensic Linguistics sites, which include the official site of the International Association of Forensic Linguists, must continue to be accessible by the outside world beyond the end of March!

Could I ask you please to contact John Owen ( and clarify with him that all Sun7 sites will be maintained while the applications to continue them are being processed?

Many thanks,

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