From: "John Owen"
To: "'SA Blackwell'"
Subject: RE: Web pages
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 16:23:40 +0100

Sue - we gave you an extension whilst the School reviewed your web site. Subsequent to the meeting we were informed that you had been asked to remove certain material and we allowed a period of grace for this to be completed. As you know the official deadline passed on 1 April. When we received further complaints about material on your site last week we had no choice but to block access, in line with University policy.

If you wish to remove all material except the undergraduate teaching material we could restore access to this and give you until the summer to migrate this material. As you know it was never our intention to disadvantage students by this measure.

I strongly also recommend that you talk to David Supple's team about rationalising the linguistics material into a single, corporate location so we can properly maintain this material into the future.


Last updated: 27th August 2004