From: "John Owen"
To: "'Jess Shapero'"
Subject: RE: IAFL website
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 16:10:42 +0100

Jess - apologies for the delay in replying. Rest assured we will do nothing to disrupt the operation of the IAFL site.

I have suggested to Sue however that we review the structure and support arrangements for the site to ensure it is as resilient as possible. (As I understand it at the moment the site is spread across different locations and filespace) I do not propose changing content, just the way it is stored.

If you think a review is an appropriate way forward let me know and we can arrange a date to sit down and discuss it further.

Best wishes - John

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From: Jess Shapero []
Sent: 25 June 2004 16:02
Subject: IAFL website

Dear John,

In correspondence between ourselves and also Prof. Malcolm Coulthard earlier this year we discussed what would happen to the hosting of the IAFL website when the Sun6 and Sun7 were decommissioned over the summer. You said at the time that these machines would be replaced by another Sun system and a simple transfer of files should be all that was needed.

I would like to know what the latest state of play is in order to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for the transfer of the site. Please bear in mind that I only work for the IAFL a few days each month. I am hoping that the file transfer will be done by IS staff so that I will not have to ftp everything across myself. Please could you let me know when the replacement machine will be coming onstream and what arrangements are in place for the transfer?


Jess J. Shapero,
IAFL web site designer,
(& Post Graduate Research Student,)
Department of English,
School of Humanities,
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