From: "John Owen"
To: "'Alex Hughes'", "'SA Blackwell'"
Subject: RE: websites
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 08:55:23 -0000

Alex - thank you for your note. We certainly do not wish any action we take regarding the personal web site policy to impact on student learning activities. With this in mind I am happy to defer any action on sites in the School of Humanities until after your IT Committee has met and made recommendations.

Of the sites you mention, Mark Connop has already been in touch and the ArtsWeb service will continue. I have also been in correspondence with Malcolm Coulthard about the IAFL site and we will ensure access to that continues also.

So that we do not inadvertently cut off any sites it would be useful to know which sites you will be considering at your meeting. We have had only a handful of requests to retain sites so far, so I am not in a position to know if any particular site is awaiting your deliberations or merely redundant. Could you also let me know the date of that meeting so we can timetable taking any action you recommend.

Best wishes - John

Last updated: 27th August 2004