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  1. Dear Ms Blackwell

    Just a short message to thank you for your stand and efforts to publicise the plight of the Palestinian people, as detailed on your website.

    To take such a position especially for someone of your standing, cannot be easy in the face of the powerful pro-Israeli lobby. I just hope, and here I speak on behalf of many people who share your views, that you will continue to voice your opinion especially in public where it counts and hopefully will make a difference to the sufferings.

    No I am not anti-semitic. In fact some of those people who recognise the brutal Israeli occupation are themselves Jewish. However its clear ANYONE speaking against the occupation is immediately branded anti-semitic.

    Good luck and if there is anything I may help with in this effort please let me know.

  2. Ms Blackwell

    Thankyou for an honest and brilliant piece of work. Funny how the truth hurts.

    Please forward this on to your seniors as i'm sure they'll be getting alot of complaints. I want them to know that there are many people who fully support your work.

  3. Dear Madam

    I am pleased to see people who stand out and speak the truth, i understand you may be coming under pressure from various organisation constantly.

    I fully suppport the information you are providing to the free world in respect of the suffering of humans especially at the hands of the so called civilised terrorists of this world such as Sharon.

    I will support you in any way to keep your website live and to show the world what Israel is upto and any oher Nations or individual who violate the rights of human beings.

  4. Hello Sue,

    I have Just discovered your website and think its a brilliant piece of work. Ample links to a variety of useful information concerning issues that affect many many people in not only this country but abroad. Politically we are in a phase of darkness and doubt, of mistrust and injustice in a world where military power allows domination, suffering and silencing of millions around the world. With controlled media and constant indoctrination on a mass level of a one sided story depriving millions from realising the truth. A problem thats become too ugly, too messy and complicated for many to think of alternative solutions to the crisis faced today.

    When will the real evil stop, when will the voices be heard, when will justice prevail, when will truth sink into hearts constantly searching for answers.

    The ongoing effort to close down your website is one of many campaigns to keep the truth hidden, to prevent people from thinking for themselves. To allow the murder ring of millions in kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Bosnia, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan etc etc.

    A colleague of mine was sacked last year when she distributed internal email about the struggle in Palestine. They said it 'distressed' others. The struggle continues....

  5. Dear Sue Blackwell

    Don't worry about the hassle you are getting from those of zionist tendencies They will only be happy when truth and justice are quashed in their own interests

    I for one wholly support your right to express your opinions even if i don't agree with all of them

    Well done and long live the truthful and the brave!

  6. Dear Sue

    Keep up the good work do not let the JC intimidate you. It is wonderful to see people of varied backgrounds supporting the Palestinian cause.

    Best Regards

    Barrister At Law

  7. Please do not let the actions of bigots deter you from the good work you do.
  8. Dear Ms Blackwell

    First I would like to thank you for the support you give to the Palestinian People, I was very upset about the claim by the Pro-Israel lobby about your website. This claim is wholly untrue and is typical of the deception used by the pro-Israel lobby.

    You have all support from the large Muslim Community in London area.

    Yours sincerely


  9. its the duty of each individual to seek knowledge and to seek the truth regardless of who it supports!!!

    we live in a modern british society which supports indiviualism within the boundaries of the law, we have freedom of speech but sometimes only by name - this is one instance!!!

    dont let them get to you!!!

  10. dear Ms Blackwell,

    Just visited your web site, it's a breath of fresh air.

    I do admire and respect your willingness and courage to speak your mind. your site is very informative and above all , it represents all views. well done and good luck.

  11. I've just sent this to the V-C.

    Dear Professor Sterling

    I read in last Friday's Jewish Chronicle that there has been criticism of a web page run by a Birmingham English lecturer, Sue Blackwell, and that the University has said in response to these criticisms that "We suspect that Ms Blackwell's website contravenes guidelines not to cause offence to students of a certain race or religion", which in the context means Jewish.

    I have visited Ms Blackwell's page; I am a Jew; and I have not been in the slightest offended by anything I saw. Nor have the students making the complaints: what they are doing is using a pretext to silence any criticism of Israel.

    It has become routine among supporters of militant expansionist Zionism to accuse its critics of anti-Semitism. This serves both to undermine the critics' credibility and to divert attention from the issues they wish to publicise. I trust that Birmingham will not be fooled by this shabby manoeuvre.

    Yours sincerely

    Michael Cohen
    Department of Philosophy, University of Wales Swansea
    Founding Member, Council for Academic Freedom & Academic Standards (CAFAS)

  12. Dear colleague,

    I am writing to express my support for your stand and my anger at the type of intimidation campaign that seeks to brush any criticism of Israeli policies with the brush of anti-semitism.


  13. Dear Sue Blackwell,

    I am appalled at the witch-hunt launched by Gaby Wine of the Jewish Chronicle. As an Israeli Jew, currently living in the West Midlands, I am extremely concerned with this attempt to silence critical views of the policies of crimes against humanity carried out by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people. Members of my family perished under Nazism because too many were complacent and now, the same complacency allows other members of my family to ethnically cleanse Palestinians.

    I appreciate your courage and hope Birmingham University would not succumb to the McCarthyism methods applied by those who support the Israeli policy of terror. Birmingham University should not silence voices like yours, as such protests are the only hope for the victims of crimes against humanity whether they are Palestinians or Jews.

    People like you keep us hoping for a better future in which there are no more victims of racist ideologies, be it Zionism, Apartheid or Nazism.

    In solidarity,
    Yael Oren Kahn
    West Midlands, UK

  14. Dear Sue Blackwell,

    I heard about your site from a friend, and have visited it. We in France also undergo harassment for our stance against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, and we support the boycott of Israeli goods. Please accept our support for your site, in particular for the position of the links on your site which are all pointed towards a just peace in the Middle East.


  15. Thanks a lot for your courageous comments.

    On behalf of Muslim Community in Newham

  16. A message from Ilan Pappe to members of the Israeli Academia on the Alef list:

    please join me in supporting Sue Blackwell. The Jewish chronicle's smear tacticts and campaigns are not only harmful for anyone supporting the Palestinians, they will act in the end of the day against the Anglo-Jewish community as a whole. This paper is their main organ and it represents the Jewish community in Britain as racist, fascist and ignorant. Most of the community members, to best of my knowledge and i spent four years there, are fair minded liberal and pluralist people. But the assoication of the community's leaders with Zionism had gradually eroded its more universal and humane aspects.

    yours ilan pappe

  17. Dear Sue

    I was browsing your web site trying desperately to get offended as the JC suggested - to no avail. However, I, among many other Jews, were getting offended by the constant refusal of the JC to publish our letters of protest against the Israeli policy in the occupied territories.

    You are not the first to be the victim of those efforts by the Board of Deputies to stop legitimate protest, and probably will not be the last.

    All the best

  18. Dear Ms Blackwell,

    As an Israeli dissident, one of the original signatories of the BIG (boycott Israeli goods) call, I know exactly how you feel, being targetted by the Zionist lobby.

    Don't be intimidated!

    In solidarity,

    Professor Moshé Machover
    Department of Philosophy
    King's College, London

  19. I was told that you were the latest member to join Mona Baker's party. I would just like to thank you for doing that since i know that your website contains details of some of the suffering of the Palestinian people. The Jewish Chronicle reports of a campaign by British Jews to get her website closed down because it contains "links to those of radical Islamic organisations". This claim is wholly untrue and is typical of the deception used by the pro-Israel lobby. Actually, your site contains very secular material and even a secular critique of Islam.

    i would just like to thank you for exposing israeli actions.

    Miss Rasul.

  20. Dear Ms.Blackwell,

    I don't know you or your website (an omission I will hasten to remedy!). But I was disgusted to hear of the attacks being made on you for your support of the Palestinian people.

    I am Jewish myself and an active member of the Jewish Socialists' Group, which together with allies in Just Peace UK supports the peace camp within Israel in demanding an end to the occupation and the settlements, and believes the Palestinian people must have their rights to statehood. Last month I attended a conference in Amsterdam where Jewish people from eight countries adopted such a policy, including that Jerusalem should be shared capital, and recognising in principle the right of return for refugees. We don't always agree with every slogan or tactic adopted in support of the Palestinians, but so what? Insofar as the Palestinian people are wageing legitimate resistance and fighting for their freedom, we too could say "Victory to the Intifada!"

    I don't doubt the ignorant and miseducated members of the Union of Jewish Students would say we too were "antisemites". Well, we don't need approval from the UJS or the Jewish Chronicle, so-called "organ of British Jewry". They are just being organised as mouthpieces for the Israeli embassy. What a disgrace when the Israeli prime minister is a war criminal.

    I dare say we may not always agree, for instance I think the academic boycott was mistaken, but when it comes to taking a stand against ignorance, smear tactics and McCarthyism, I can only wish you the best of luck in your fight, and as we were taught to say when I was in the Zionist youth - "Chazak v'amatz' -"Be Strong and of Good Courage"!

  21. Just read all the hoo-har about your web site, and went to read your web site to see for myself. It's one of the best sites I've seen in quite a while.

    I am so sorry to hear that you have received abuse for voicing your opinion and support for the oppressed people of Occupied Palestine. It is quite odd that in this day and age, and in this country in particular, free men and women feel they have to apologise for for having an opinion that irks another. I wonder that had the situation been reversed and you were supporting Israel and not the under-dog, and had Muslims tried to bully you into giving up your opinion, would this have made headline news? Would the press have grabbed hold of the intimidation aspect of it all? Would this be painted as extremism and terror-tactics? I suppose we know the answer to that...

    I am very angry on your behalf for many reasons, not least because (I know this is old fashioned) my grandfather put his life on the line in 1939 to liberate the Jewish people from nazi tyranny and so that people like you and I may live in freedom and say what the hell we like. Isn't it odd that those we risked our neck for are themselves akin to the oppressors they loathe?

    Thankyou for your stance. I know you don't need my support as you have plenty of better qualified people than me who are supporting you, but I just wanted you to know that you are not alone in your opinions ... keep up the good work (and web site).

  22. Dear Sue

    It was nice talking to this afternoon and I am very pleased to note your cause of bringing awakening and awareness to the killings of innocent people of Palestine.

    I asure you of our full support in your mission and hope our struggle will bring awakening amongst the politicians of this country that what they are doing is against human morals and against the teachings of Christianity.

    Kind Regards / Karim

  23. Dear Vice-Chancellor Sterling,

    I, an Israeli Jew, have examined Sue Blackwell's web site, particularly the section on the Middle East, and find the site commendable in every respect.

    A university, above all institutions, should value freedom of speech, and should for the benefit of students follow Voltaire's policy: "I may disagree with what you say, but I shall defend your right to say it."

    I do sincerely hope that--in the light of complaints levelled at Sue and her web site by the intolerant--you and your institution will in every respect protect her right to her views and to her freedom to express them.

    Sincerely, Dorothy Naor, PhD
    Herzliah, Israel

  24. Dear Sue

    It was nice talking to this afternoon and I am very pleased to note your cause of bringing awakening and awareness to the killings of innocent people of Palestine.

    I asure you of our full support in your mission and hope our struggle will bring awakening amongst the politicians of this country that what they are doing is against human morals and against the teachings of Christianity.

    Kind Regards / Karim

  25. Hi Sue Blackwell,

    I got details of whats been happening to you re your website links from IMPAC and also your letter below. The Zionists seem to have no case against you but are just throwing their weight about. So, I hope they are not able to fetter you in any way.

    all the best,

    Tariq Modood, MBE
    Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy
    Director, University Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship and Founding Editor of Ethnicities (Sage)
    Department of Sociology, University of Bristol

  26. Dear Sue,

    As a peace loving Muslim I would like to express my support of your views on your website regarding the plight of the Palestinians and their suffering.

    I understand you are coming under alot of pressure from pro Zionist and pro Israeli pressure groups. As is so often the case, when a person speaks the truth they are tested to the limit by the evils in this world which will try and make life difficult for you.

    I would urge you not to give in and can assure you many of our colleagues will be taking up this issue with the local MP and various other organisations including B'ham Uni itself.

    I hope you continue in airing your views and are not put off by this pointless and malicious campaign by the Zionist lobby.

    Makes you wonder - what are they trying to hide ?

    rgds -

    East London

  27. I totally support your views on the right for Justice and deplore the Jewish Groups who try and distort the Content of your Website as EXtremist. The Jewish Lobbies are failing to understand that by supporting the Apartheid regime in israel they are further underminig their csuse and underminig criticism ogf Israel.

    The vast Majority in Europe are standing up to the Injustice in Palestine and not be silenced by Jewish extremists.

    Keep up the Good Work

    Edward Dudley

  28. Hiya, I am a third year BSc AI & Comp Sci student at the university of Birmingham.

    I just want to praise you for speaking out the truth, and hopefully you won't be abused for it. If theres anyway I may be of assistance, do not hesitate to contact me.

  29. Keep it up sister!
  30. (from a colleague at Warwick University to Birmingham Uni. Press Office)

    Dear Mr. Robson,

    An email was sent to me with the following quote from the Jewish Chronicle:

    "A university spokeswoman commented: 'We suspect that Ms Blackwell's website contravenes guidelines not to cause offence to students of a certain race or religion. If this is found to be the case, we will remove it.'"

    Did the Jewish Chronicle journalist get the quote from your office right?

    As a Press Officer, you must be aware that many attacks coming from the pro-Israeli lobby are based on invented material. You should be exposing this, not encouraging it. One of your duties is surely to defend members of Birmingham University's academic staff against unjustified criticism.

    I hope you can do something to make up for your office's serious blunder. A statement of support for Sue Blackwell from your office would be a good beginning.

    Yours sincerely

  31. Sue Blackwell

    I just wanna thank you for the support of your website about the palestinian people.

    I hope that your website will stay on. May Allah bless you!

    Mohammed Tariq

  32. Dear Ms. Blackwell,

    I recieved an email about the opposition to your website from the pro-Israeli lobby and I would just like to say that i totally support your stance and the work that you do at Birmingham University. I myself am an undergraduate at Manchester University and former chair of the Friends of Palestine Society here.

    I know that people in your position are very strong and have a lot of courage to stand by what you believe, but you have a lot of support, particularly from a lot of students in Manchester. If you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact me

    Yours Sincerely


  33. Dear Ms Blackwell,

    You have every right to voice your opinions about Palestine without intimidation from the pro-Israel lobby.After all what is the purpose of democracy?

    Zeshan Ali

  34. Dear Madam,

    This is to let you know that there are many who support your right to voice your opinions. We are behind you and wish to tell you not to be intimidated by those who wish to deter you from a noble cause.

    May god bless you
    Islamic community of Bath

  35. Dear Ms Blackwell

    I just like to inform you of my support for your web site despite the recent accusations you have received against it.

    I have seen your site, and to my mind, there are no illegal links that I can see. In stead, it offers a wide spectrum of viewpoints. However, your crime as I see it is in airing the little told story of apartheid practised against the Palestinian people.

    Despite the hate mail and the accusations you may receive, like myself, I am sure you abhor any form of terrorism, including the indiscriminate use of force in the Palestinian occupied territories by the IDF. Above all, and despite the attacks against you and the threats to your career, be most assured that you are not alone out there - there is much support and admiration for your stance against terrorism.

    "Standing up for your ideals doesn't guarantee being in the majority - it just mean you can sleep better at night"

    Yours sincerely


  36. Keep going against the witchhunters. This is what they've been trying to do ever since Israel was founded - deny Palestinians any voice and identity. And they don't just try to do it with words - many PLO representatives have been murdered by Mossad all over Europe since 1967 (and not always PLO representatives - Mossad too often gets the "wrong" person). We just have to keep repeating that we stand for equal rights and justice for all human beings and that we oppose all forms of racism. Feel free to post my support on your website.

    Thanks again.

    Chris Khamis
    West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign

  37. Dear Sue

    I would like to offer you this brief letter of support in your battle with what I can only describe as the zionist flak machine.

    I also feel that the Guardian article about you this morning was very one-sided in that it reported other people's opinions of what you are trying to say without actually reporting yours.

    What is happening to you at the moment reminds me of the campaign currently being run against a co-operative feminist bookstore in Toronto which dared to sell "stop the occupation" badges. It is now in grave danger of being forced out of business by a hate campaign. This sort of thing makes me fearsomely angry.

    Please keep doing what you are doing!

    Robert Persson
    Vancouver BC
    (Birmingham University dropout - 1990)

  38. I think that when academics allow themselves to be bullied into silence, the freedom to think shackled, they betray every cultural principle they are present to defend.

    From what little I know of your political views I regard myself, along with most of the rest of the population, in concord. There is no excuse for the behaviour of the militarist, fundamentalist, foracious Israeli/American government. It is anti-human, anti-civilisation.

    Best wishes.


  39. Hi Sue,

    see you're getting the same s*%! as me. No one has actually read the articles on NCADC website, but all the media are managing to misquote.

    Still, battle on regardless.

    Solidarity for ever

    John O
    National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns

  40. Hi Sue,

    I understand that you are getting the usual pressure from the zionists. Anyone daring to criticise Israel is automaticaly painted as anti-semitic.

    Please keep up the good work. The palestinians need people like you to let the world know of their plight.


  41. Dear Ms Blackwell

    The General Union Of Palestinian Student in UK (GUPS) strongly support you against the pro-Israel lobby campaign; please let us hear from you if we can help in anything.

    Yours truly,


  42. Dear Ms.Blackwell,

    Just a short note of support from a Labour Party member.

    Question: If one criticises the Italian government for their policy of prosecuting fishermen who save drowning asylum seekers (as Hilary Clarke did in the New Statesman, 14 October 2002 p31) - is one being anti-Catholic?

    Yours faithfully,

  43. (final section of Press Release by South Asian Alliance:)

    Sue Blackwell's practice shows quite clearly that she has been outspoken against the US led 'war against terror' at the same time she has been uncompromising in condemning acts of individual terrorism which have led to the deaths of innocent civilians. She is passionately committed to supporting the struggles of the Palestinian peoples against the Zionist occupation of their homeland; this is matched by her commitment to challenging anti- Semitism when ever it raises its head.

    As the South Asian Alliance we find the allegations made by the Jewish Chronicle against Sue Blackwell not only without any basis but utterly offensive. It goes without saying that we will stand by Sue as she has always pricipally stood by us.

    Mukhtar Dar
    On behalf of Birmingham South Asian Alliance)

  44. Dear Professor Sue Blackwell:

    This is a short note of support for your courageous stand on behalf of the Palestinian people and to provide you with a link to the University of California Divestment Petition Website at which you might consider linking to your website.

    Tomorrow, Saturday October 26, there will be two huge Anti War Demonstrations in Washington D.C and in San Francisco. They are expected to be the largest to date.


    Hector Carreon
    La Voz de Aztlan

  45. Subject: Well Done !

    ... for standing up for human rights. I hope that you don't get to tough a ride from the Zionist Lobby and end up regretting ever speaking out. Thanks you on behalf of all those people who daily struggle for life, under a brutal and illegal occupation.


  46. Dear Ms Blackwell,

    I am appalled at the criticism one receives in this day and age for telling the truth. I support your cause and wanted you to know that.

    I have applied to Birmingham Uni and if you and me last long enough it would be a pleasure to meet you there next september.

    Take care and keep fighting for justice.

    Yours Sincerely Bob

  47. Dear Sue Blackwell

    As a Jew and fellow academic and supporter of the Palestinians, I extend to you my fullest solidarity concerning your website. I am outraged that Birmingham University is considering removing your website. Their spokeswoman, quoted in the JC, has apparently accepted the hateful premise that criticism of Israel equals anti-Semitism. This equation must be resisted at all times.

    Dr Daryl Glaser
    Department of Government
    University of Strathclyde
    McCance Building
    16 Richmond Street
    Glasgow G1 1XQ
    United Kingdom

  48. From Fri Nov 01 12:22:39 2002

    Dear Professor Blackwell,

    With great concern, the Palestinian Society at the University of Birmingham has followed the escalation of the zionist attack against you in particular, and against freedom of speech in the University in general. We would like to stress our full support to you and to the views you uphold. We deplore the attack being waged against you and find it politically motivated with one single objective: to prohibit the criticism of Israel and provide impunity to its savage government.

    We remember with much gratitude your support for our right to establish the Palestinian Society last year, and reiterate our full support for your just stand regarding an academic boycott of Israel. Do let us know if there are any ways in which we may support your case.

    The Palestinian Society
    University of Birmingham

  49. (from Jess Shapero, Ph.D. student and Sue's fellow Forensic Linguistics web page designer:)

    I have known Sue Blackwell for 9 years: first as my M.Sc. and M.Phil. supervisor and later as my best friend, and I can attest to the fact that she is the least racist (and sexist, ageist, and homophobic) person I have ever known. She has, I feel sure, sacrificed greatness and fame in academia because of her relentless and selfless devotion to many and varied causes of injustice. Those of us who live in fear of racism - of any degree - should know that Sue Blackwell is an active ally. We should all be glad, and indeed grateful, that there are people like Sue who are fighting for us.

    Jess J. Shapero,
    (IAFL Web-Page Designer,)
    c/o Department of English,
    The University of Birmingham,
    Birmingham, B15 2TT,

  50. hi, sue

    i heard about all the fuss being made over you yesterday, and read the online guardian report.

    i was appalled, but not suprised that the jewish institution has taken such a stance, but was most angered by the comments of the jsoc campains director, who decided to speak out on MY behalf!

    so i sent him this email.
    good luck.


    dear michael phillips

    i am writing as a member of the birmingham jsoc and also a member of the english department (3rd year).

    sue blackwell has been my personal tutor for my time here at university and as such i have got to know her well and we have have many political discussions especially about the middle east and israel.

    obviously sue opposes the policies of the israeli government - and for good, well informed and academically substantiated reasons.

    i am apalled that you are 'very concerned' about her opinions. how you can suggest that it is not right for her to express her views. it is typical of the institutional jewish approach to any kind of anti-israeli commentary which attempts to paint it as illegitimate and racist.

    sue had a perfect right to express her strongly held opinions which are categorically not racist. sue is infact one of the leading anti-racist campaigners on campus and has done much to support the anti-nazi league.

    finally, your suggestion that 'It doesn't really bode well for any English students at Birmingham university' is ridiculous. i have gained much from political discussions with my personal tutor and am furious that you see fit to attack her in my name.

    robin bagon.

  51. I know this is abit belated, but I wanted to say that I felt the article that appeared on the front of Redbrick the other week was very irresponsible, and I felt that it did not reflect the inclusive and equal opportunities attitude that I know from my language and gender seminars with you. In fact, the seminars highlighted many prejudices that I have, and challenged the way I use language. I was glad to see your response,and other letters of support, and hope that this incidence can only serve to highlight the need for open and informed discussion in the university.

    Thanks, Abigail MacDougall
    (3rd year English)

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