The latest row started when the Jewish Chronicle reported that the Board of Deputies of British Jews had made a complaint.

Board of Deputies' Press Release, 15.10.02 Robin Bagon's e-mail to the Board of Deputies, 02.11.02
Jewish Chronicle article, 18.10.02 Sue's letter to the Jewish Chronicle, 24.10.02 The agreed version eventually published by the Jewish Chronicle, 08.11.02
Sue's Press Release, 24.10.02
Innovative Minds online article, 24.10.02 (An Islamic site) Guardian article, 25.10.02 Birmingham Post article, 26.10.02
Redbrick article, 1st-7th Nov 2002 Letter to Redbrick from Shereen Bemjamin, 8th-14th Nov 2002 Letter to Redbrick from Sue B, 15th-22nd
THES article on Sue, 01.11.02 THES article on Mona Baker, 08.11.02 David Allen's e-mail to Sue's Head of Department.
Sue's letter to the THES The abridged version published by the THES, 15th Nov 2002
Letter to THES by Leslie Wagner, 15th Nov 2002 Letter to THES by Geoffrey Alderman, 15th Nov 2002 Letter to THES by Stephen Soskin, 15th Nov 2002

More recently, similar complaints were made in 2003 about Nat Queen's website. See the report on Indymedia:

Indymedia 27th August 2003

And see also:

Article on Thought Crime News

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