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  • Twilight Zone / 'Worse than apartheid' Gideon Levy in Ha'aretz, 17th July 2008.
  • Video showing the Israeli right-wingers celebrating the `Jerusalem Day`Kibush, 2nd June 2008.
    Charming people, chanting "death to the Arabs" while the police look on ...
  • The Israeli army attacks a village near Bethlehem and kidnaps a man and his Jewish wife IMEMC News, 12th June 2008.
    As Tony Greenstein comments on his AZVSAS blog, such tactics are reminiscent of the Gestapo.
  • Knesset Hawks Move To Strip Arabic of Official Status in Israel in Forward magazine, 12th June 2008
  • 'Jewish settler attack' on filmBBC, 12th June 2008.
    Israeli human rights group B'Tselem provided the cameras which captured this damning evidence of violence by inhabitants of the Susia settlement near Hebron against their Palestinian neighbours.
  • Peace Now: Peres aiding 'enemies of peace' by attending Ariel anniversary Ha'aretz, 4th June 2008.
  • No refuge from responsibility.Seth Freedman in the Guardian, 29th May 2008.
    "Attacks on Unrwa are disingenuous and serve only to absolve Israel of culpability for the squalor and limbo in which Palestinians exist."
  • Hamas condemns the HolocaustBassem Naeem on Comment is Free, 12th May 2008
  • 11 J'lem teens suspected of racially motivated assault against Arabs Israeli police attack Nakba Day Demonstrators (YouTube, 8th May 2008)
    The march was organized by the "Uprooted Committee" of Safourieh, near Nazareth, one of the villages destroyed in 1948. Zionists decided to have an "independence day" celebration just across the street. None of them was injured or arrested, unlike the Palestinian demonstrators, of whom at least 45 were arrested as they tried to return to their cars at the end of the demonstration. A number of journalists, as well as demonstrators, were injured.
  • The Loathsome Smearing of Israel's criticsJohann Hari in the Independent, 8th May 2008.
  • State’s Creation Had Ugly Side: Palestinian refugee problem cannot be ignored
    Ehab Lotayef on the Information Clearing House site, 7th May 2008.
  • Law sets 3-year jail penalty for car-owners who go to mechanics in PA Ha'aretz, 31st March 2008.
    Incredible. Now apartheid extends to vehicles, it seems.
  • Sixty years after Deir Yassin Ronnie Kasrils in The Electronic Intifada, 8th April 2008
  • The spider's webVideo of life in Hebron and Nablus, on the Desert Peace blog, 18th March 2008.
  • Israel's royal welcome Tony Greenstein in Comment is Free, March 25, 2008.
    "An organisation which discriminates against non-Jews is having a 'charitable' dinner at Windsor Castle ..."
  • The Parade of ShameAkram Awad, 20th March 2008, on the planned celebrations for Israel's 60th anniversary.
  • The time for worldwide boycott is now Omar Barghouti in The Electronic Intifada, 2nd March 2008
    (Commenting on Israeli deputy defence minister Matan Vilnai's threat of a "holocaust" against the Gazans).
  • When charity ends at homeGideon Levy in Ha'aretz, 13th March 2008
  • International Demonstrator maced and violently arrested
    ISM volunteer Blake Murphy arrested in Bili'n, 14th March 2008.
  • Mercaz HaRav - a training centre for illegal occupation, murder and "Arabs to the Gas Chambers"on the Scottish PSC site, 12th March 2008
  • Dear Mr Feiglin: Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s letter Jewish Chronicle, 7th March 2008
    Jacqui Smith has banned Likud Central Committee member Moshe Feiglin from entering Britain, on the grounds that his presence "would not be conducive to the public good", since he has used his position " to propagate views which foment and provoke others to serious criminal acts". Feiglin, who was the right-wing challenger to Netanyahu in the Likud's 2005 and 2007 internal elections, is believed to be close to Kach and has previously spoken on Jewish Defense League platforms.
  • Trade union building targeted in Gaza Mohammed Omer, The Electronic Intifada, 4th March 2008
  • Decorated IDF officer accused of killing Palestinian in 'vendetta' Ha'aretz, 28th Feb 2008.
  • Israel warns of invasion of GazaBBC, 29th Feb 2008
    Matan Vilnai said Palestinians risked a "shoah" ...
  • Diary: How to Become an Israeli Journalist Yonatan Mendel, London Review of Books, 6th March 2008
    A nice analysis of the language used in reporting the conflict.

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