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Held Back: Students trapped in Gaza

Read the full Gisha report, in PDF format

Palestine Medical Gate

Dr. Jehad Hammad of the Pharmacology department of Al-Azhar University, Gaza, writes:

"We have established an online forum for Palestinian medical students to break the siege or at least to make a small hole in the ugly wall. We want to make the voice of our medical students reached to other medical students and medical stuffs worldwide. Our students deserve good places to undertake proper postgraduate training and we think that this electronic window might give them the opportunity to gather information about better chances of such training. If not, it will at least improve their English language.

"We would be very grateful if you participate in this website and encourage your students to be actively involved in this forum. Advertisement for this website in British and American universities surely will be of a great benefit, not only for medical students, but for whole Palestinian community who surely will survive this new holocaust."

The website address is here.

Palestinian education - general

Al-Aqza University, Gaza

On Tuesday morning, 16 March 2004, Israeli occupying forces destroyed the educational studies campus of al-Aqsa University, located near al-Shuhada (Netzarim) junction, south of Gaza city. Full story above, from PCHR.

Al-Azhar University, Gaza

Gaza bomb kills university lecturer (Big News Network, 30th Nov 2004)

Al-Quds University, Jerusalem

Al-Quds University is the only Arab University in the city of Jerusalem. It is constantly beset by financial crises and now has the apartheid wall running through its campus. and

American Arab University of Jenin

Michelle Plunkett, who teaches English at the American Arab University of Jenin (AAUJ) in the Occupied West Bank in Palestine would like her students to get in touch, via email, with young people and others from different parts of the world. Please contact Michelle if you would like to adopt a Palestinian Pen Pal from Jenin.

An-Najah National University

An-Najah National University is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Palestine. It is located in Nablus, at the heart of Palestine. The University is proud to have an ever growing body of students that now stands at approximately 10 000, with 600 staff and faculty members. Most of the students and faculty members are native to Palestine.

An-Najah is also providing video conferences to allow students from outside Palestine to have some first hand contact with students there.

Web link for the video conference

The Impact of the Imposed Israeli Occupation Siege on An-Najah National University Students
A devastating collection of testimonies by students to routine beatings, humiliation and racist treatment at the hands of the Israelis.

  • Zajel> Zajel: The Palestine Media Unit - based at An-Najah.

    Condemnation of the Killing of Prof. Khalid Salah

    Press Release 6 July 2004:

    An-Najah National University condemns the killing of its instructor the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Khalid Salah, 50 years old and his son Muhammad this early morning the 6th July 2004.

    Prof. Khalid Salah was killed in cold blood by the Israeli Occupation Forces in his flat with his family and His son, Muhammad, sixteen-years old, was also killed. Both were left bleeding for four hours until they died. Medical teams were not allowed to offer its urgent first aid to them.

    Prof. Khalid Salah was born in 1950. He started work at the university in 1979.

    He recieved his MBA in Electronic Engineering from Wales in the United Kingdom in 1980. He was awarded his PhD in the Electrical Engineering from California University (Davis) in 1985.

    An-Najah National University appeals to the international community's associations, local and international human rights as well as the academic institutions all over the world to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop such aggressions against Palestinian citizens.

    Bethlehem University

    AUT Twinning Proposal

    "In discussions with our colleagues in the trade union representing Palestinian university teachers, a proposal has emerged to initiate a pilot twinning programme with Bethlehem University. Local associations whose institutions have relevant disciplines and/or funding that could help go towards providing resources for an effective twinning arrangement, are asked to nominate themselves for this exercise"

    Bir Zeit University

    Gaza Library Project

    (No web address as far as I know)

    This is a UK charity sponsored by (among others) Sir Michael Atiyah and Sir Eric Ash. Its purpose is the collection of books and long runs of periodicals for distribution to Palestinian universities and other institutions. Publications at all levels and in most subjects are needed. Some institutions and publishers have made generous donations (e.g. the Royal Society, Manchester University Library, the Mathematics Institute at Warwick, Macmillans).

    The process is quite simple : contact your colleagues and ask them to package books in manageable strong cardboard boxes marked Gaza Library Project. Contact either M. Payne (Secretary to the Trustees) or Rosemarie and Tony Zahlan (trustees). They will arrange for collection and shipment.

    Hebron University

    Hebron University has suffered from repeated closures by the Israeli army, well documented by Christian Peacemaker Teams. For instance, on 10th June 2003 the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) welded shut the main gate of Hebron University at 2:00 AM, resuming the fifth month of a six-month closure, and declared the area a closed military zone. The IDF turned away the students at the gate in the morning and fired percussion grenades at them. The IDF then imposed a strict curfew on the surrounding neighborhood.

    Students have constantly re-opened the gates in order to attend their classes, only to have them welded shut again by the IDF.

    Islamic University of Gaza


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