Belgian flag

to Sue Blackwell

(Well they haven't been asked yet but I'm expecting them ...)

  1. Q. Are you Belgian?
    A. No.

  2. Q. Do you have a personal connection with Belgium?
    A. Not really, though I have been there on holiday several times and I speak the Dutch/Flemish language reasonably fluently.

  3. Q. So why have you bought a Belgian domain name?
    A. "" was the shortest domain name available with "sue" in it, and as my surname begins with "B" I thought "" was pretty apt.

  4. Q. Can you name 3 good things about Belgium?
    A. Multilingualism; Trappist beers; the Flemish Parliament building in Brussels.

  5. Q. Can you name 3 bad things about Belgium?
    A. Marc Dutroux; the Vlaams Blok; rampant corruption in the police and legal system.

  6. Q. What are your favourite Belgian films?
    A. I have two: "Left Luggage", 1998, dir. Jeroen Krabbé (sublime); "The sexual life of the Belgians", 1994, dir. Jan Bucquoy (ridiculous).

  7. Q. Can you name five famous Belgians?
    A. Rene Magritte, surrealist painter; Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone; Hugo Claus, poet and novelist; Jean-Claude van Damme, film actor; Kim Clijsters, tennis player.
    For lots more famous Belgians see

  8. Q. Do you think the Belgians need our support?
    A. Absolutely. Everyone takes the piss out of the poor old Belgians. Rod Liddle wrote a column in The Guardian entitled "Never Mind Saddam. What about nuking the Belgians?". Rod Liddle, you may remember, was the journalist who expressed the hope that Israeli academics would "punch Mona Baker on the nose" for joining the academic boycott of Israel. Any enemy of Rod Liddle is a friend of mine.

  9. Q. What is the absolutely best thing about Belgium?
    A. It is the only country in the world where anyone has made a serious attempt to prosecute Ariel Sharon for war crimes. That alone, for me, is a good enough reason for buying a Belgian domain name. See for more information.

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